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The playboy who got away with $242m – using ‘black magic’

Image caption Photo: Miami Herald One day in August 1995 a man called Foutanga Babani Sissoko walked into the head office of the Dubai Islamic Bank and asked for a loan to buy a car. The manager agreed, and Sissoko invited him home for dinner. It was the prelude, writes the BBC’s Brigitte Scheffer, to one of the most audacious confidence tricks of all time. Over dinner, Sissoko made a

Week in pictures: 9-15 February 2018

A selection of the best photos from across Africa and of Africans elsewhere in the world this week. Image copyrightAFPImage caption Cinema-goers in Kenya’s capital Nairobi enjoy a 3D screening of the superhero film Black Panther on Wednesday. Image copyrightGetty ImagesImage caption Some may call Ghana’s Akwasi Frimpong a real-life superhero as he competes in the skeleton race in the Winter Olympics in South Korea on Thursday. He comes last

Is boasting good or bad for business?

Image copyrightMaddy SavageImage caption Are, with a population of just 5,000, has become a Swedish start-up hub Sweden is one of the most innovative countries in the world, yet has a business culture that discourages bragging about its success. So is this humility a help or a hindrance when it comes to start-ups? From household names such as Spotify and Skype, to gaming leaders King and Mojang and cashless payment

Couple surprise each other by proposing at the same time

Image copyrightTori Monaco A US couple got an incredible surprise when they proposed to each other at the same time. Tori, from Texas, had been plotting with her girlfriend’s mum to pop the question, not knowing girlfriend Berkley was doing the same. “She basically set us up,” the 20-year-old fine arts student told Newsbeat. A video of the surprise proposal has gone viral, with 4.8m views at the time of

New Zealand man fined for drink-driving motorised cool box

Image copyrightNZ PoliceImage caption The ride-on cooler, also known as an “esky” is illegal on the roads in Australia and New Zealand A man has been fined in New Zealand for driving under the influence of alcohol on a motorised cool box, it’s reported. According to the news website, Lani Hunt admitted drinking and driving after being stopped by police riding a motorised drink cooler. Police stopped Mr Hunt

Taiwan's pedestrian crossing men get girlfriends

Image copyrightFTV NewsImage caption After 18 years of solitude, Taiwan’s “little green man” has finally got himself a girlfriend The little green and red traffic light men in southern Taiwan have got themselves girlfriends, just in time for Valentine’s Day, it’s reported. According to the Taiwan News website, the first of some 40 pedestrian signs featuring a new “couple” design has been unveiled today at an official ceremony in southern

Charity giver

Image copyrightAFPImage caption Rachel Lapierre set up Le Book Humanitaire after winning the lottery What would you do if you won the lottery? Buy a new house, a sports car, or travel the world perhaps? But how many of us would use our winnings to set up a charity? That is exactly what Rachel Lapierre, a former Miss Quebec, did back in 2013. The Canadian always loved volunteering, and after

Iceland election: Independence Party still has most seats

Image copyrightAFP/GettyImage caption Mr Benediktsson’s Independence Party appears to have retained most seats Iceland’s governing coalition has suffered big losses in parliamentary elections with centre-left parties picking up many seats. PM Bjarni Benediktsson’s centre-right Independence Party remains the largest but lost nearly a quarter of its seats. The second snap election in a year, called after a paedophile scandal, was held amid deep voter distrust. Coalition talks are expected to

Fighting talk

Image copyrightGetty ImagesImage caption US Army Sgt La David Johnson was killed in Niger US senators are asking cabinet secretaries about the campaign against extremist groups in Niger and other places – and whether a new law authorising the use of military force should be written. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Defence Secretary Jim Mattis are speaking on Monday about the president authority to wage war – the first

'My fans saved my life'

Image caption Hawa Mohammed Adam’s fans, friends and family paid for her cancer treatment abroad Sudanese music star Hawa Mohammed Adam hopes the lifting of US trade sanctions means she will no longer have to travel to Egypt to receive life-saving treatment for cancer. She was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and her extended family, friends and fans raised the money to send her to Cairo. Her cancer initially