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Food security

Image copyrightChris de Bode In sub-Saharan Africa, conflict and climate change have had a major impact on food security. Communities in Niger, Burundi and Central African Republic are experiencing dangerous levels of hunger and malnutrition. Chris de Bode visited these places, bringing a backdrop to create photographs that blend studio portraits with documentary. As well as exploring how political and environmental instability can reduce people’s ability to grow or buy

Change ahead

Image caption Mr Vergara says things have changed on Isla Choros since it became part of a national reserve Chile created one of the world’s largest marine protection areas earlier this month off the coast of Easter Island after the indigenous Rapa Nui population voted in favour of the scheme. Before their vote, a delegation from Easter Island visited Punta de Choros on the Chilean mainland. As Jane Chambers reports,

Unlikely Guides

Image copyrightHandoutImage caption Sham (left) joined the Girl Guides 10 years ago and has been going to meetings throughout the Syrian war Sham thinks I should learn to milk a cow. Her new enthusiasm for farming bursts forth over a Skype call between London and Damascus, along with a loud and confident laugh. She has been to visit a farm with her local Girl Guide group in Syria. From Damascus

Pyramid selling

Image copyrightGetty ImagesImage caption China is experiencing a growing problem of financial fraud Li Wenxing was starting a new life. In May, the young university graduate left his home in rural China on the offer of work with a software company in the city of Tianjin. But the job was a scam and Mr Li was swept into the web of a gang running a pyramid scheme. Two months later

'We have nothing'

Image copyrightGetty ImagesImage caption Parts of downtown Miami were under water Miami dodged much of Irma’s wrath but the aftermath of the storm has been devastating for the city’s poor. Tiffany Strong walks through the debris in the top floor of her house and sighs as she points to a stack of shoes in one of the rooms. Everything is drenched and neither she nor her two children can use

British war bride and Canada groom die within hours of each other

Image copyrightWayne Cuddington / Courtesy of Ottawa CitizenImage caption Jean and George Spear met the Duchess of Cambridge in 2011 when she visited Ottawa A British wartime bride and her Canadian veteran husband have died five hours apart – a month after celebrating their 75th wedding anniversary. George and Jean Spear met in 1941 at a dance hall near London, while he was stationed in Britain during the Second World

Norway jails top policeman for smuggling hashish

Image copyrightAFPImage caption Eirik Jensen, 60, was once a senior officer responsible for tackling organised crime A senior Norwegian police officer has been sentenced to 21 years in prison for taking bribes and aiding a notorious drug smuggler. Eirik Jensen, who was responsible for combating organised crime in the capital Oslo, was arrested in 2014. On Monday, a court found he had received at least 667,800 kroner (€71,300, £63,200) in

Cyclist Mark Beaumont breaks around the world record

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionEndurance athlete Mark Beaumont has smashed the record for circumnavigation of the world on a bike Mark Beaumont has broken the world record for cycling around the world – by 44 days. The 34-year-old, from Perthshire, arrived in Paris one day ahead of schedule having cycled the 18,000-mile route in 79 days. He set a new world record of 194 days in

Egypt social media users mock college flag ceremony

Image copyrightEgyptian IndependentImage caption Students line up by faculty to salute the flag The Egyptian government has decreed that the country’s 2.5m college students should salute the flag at the start of the academic year, in a move that has prompted widespread online mockery. Standing to attention as the state flag is raised to the strains of the national anthem has long been a daily routine in schools, but the

Geneva: 500 euro notes found flushed down toilets

Image copyrightPA/GETTYImage caption The high-value euro notes are being withdrawn from production because of their links to criminality Swiss prosecutors are investigating why tens of thousands of euros were flushed down toilets in Geneva. The €500 (£440; $600) notes were cut up and found in the toilets of a branch of the bank UBS and in three nearby restaurants. Thousands of francs have reportedly been spent on plumbing repairs to