India rape: Uncle did not father child's baby - DNA test

Image copyrightiStock Police in India have reopened the case of a 10-year-old girl after forensic tests revealed that her baby’s DNA samples did not match those of her uncle who is charged with raping her. After the Supreme Court denied her permission to abort, she gave birth to a baby girl last month. The 10-year-old was not aware of her pregnancy. She was told her bulge was because she had

Acid attack on India gang-rape victim by 'same men'

Image copyrightAFPImage caption Scrutiny of sexual violence in India has grown since the 2012 gang rape and murder of a student on a Delhi bus Two men accused of gang-raping a woman have allegedly attacked her with acid after being released on bail. Police say she has accused the two men and an unidentified person of throwing acid on her on Monday after she refused to withdraw her rape case

Protest for justice over murdered Indian journalist

Image copyrightK VenkateshImage caption Gauri Lankesh’s murder sparked protests across several Indian cities Up to 15,000 people including writers, journalists and academics have turned out in Bangalore to condemn the murder of Indian journalist Gauri Lankesh. Many held placards saying “I am Gauri”, while others read out poems on the importance of free speech. Police are investigating her murder but no arrests have yet been made. Ms Lankesh, who was

India 13-year-old rape victim's baby dies two days after birth

Image copyrightGetty Images The baby of a 13-year-old Indian rape victim, allowed by the Supreme Court to terminate her pregnancy, has died two days after he was born. The baby had been in neonatal intensive care in Mumbai but died on Sunday. The girl, who was 32 weeks pregnant, gave birth to the boy by Caesarean section on Friday, the hospital said. Her father’s colleague is under arrest for the

India school staff held over pupil murder

Image copyrightPTIImage caption Ryan International School in Gurgaon has been temporarily shut Two senior officials at a prominent school in northern India have been arrested in connection with the murder of an eight-year-old student. Police in Gurgaon near Delhi said the school had “failed” to protect the student from a school bus conductor who allegedly slit his throat on Friday after trying to sexually assault him. The accused was held

Last to the table

Image caption The Damor family now eat all their meals together Meals have a way of bringing families together. As food is laid out, everyone gathers round the table, conversation flows and families bond. But traditionally, eating together has not been encouraged in India. Men and children are fed first and only then can women sit down to eat. But in millions of poor homes, this practice has had an

Red alert

Image copyrightDr Atul Budukh/TMC HospitalImage caption For the study, health workers collected cloth pads used during menstruation, from villagers Menstruation is considered a taboo to even speak about in India, so imagine the reaction to the idea of collecting women’s used menstrual pads. But that is exactly what health workers did in villages in the West Indian state of Maharashtra – in order to diagnose the possibility of cervical cancer.

Linguistic bridge

Image copyrightGetty ImagesImage caption The regional divide in India can be overwhelming when it comes to the country’s many local languages India has 22 officially recognised languages, although hundreds more are spoken. The politics of language since Independence has been fraught with tension. But one state’s efforts to integrate migrant workers from elsewhere in the country is being hailed for its positivity, writes BBC Hindi’s Imran Qureshi. Launched by the

Poor planning

Image copyrightEPAImage caption Much of Chennai has grown without a plan and with no regard to water flows The recent floods in Houston and Mumbai, and the December 2015 floods in Chennai are previews of what a disaster could look like when climate change and ill-advised land-use change collide. All three cities are economic powerhouses in their own right. All three have prioritised unbridled growth and urbanisation over caution and

Meet the dancing girls of India's 'folk opera'

Nautanki is one of India’s oldest folk theatres, and it’s hugely popular in small towns and rural areas. Photographer Udit Kulshreshtha explains how this art form is surviving in the age of easily available entertainment on smart phones. The travelling theatre used to be the cheapest and often the only source of performance-based entertainment in northern India until TV became popular in the 1980s. But some groups and performers are