Dark is divine: What colour are Indian gods and goddesses?

Image copyrightNaresh NilImage caption Goddess Sita is photographed with her twin sons Luv and Kush In India where light skin is coveted, a new campaign is re-imagining popular Hindu gods and goddesses with a darker skin, writes the BBC’s Geeta Pandey in Delhi. The desire for fairer skin is not new in India and for centuries, fair complexion has been considered superior. Fairness creams are among the highest selling cosmetic

Bollywood film breaks the taboo around periods

Image copyrightSony PicturesImage caption Bollywood star Akshay Kumar plays Arunachalam Muruganantham The world’s first feature film on periods is set to be released in the UK. Can a comedy help break the taboo of female menstruation? It’s a scene that captures the 20-year struggle by a poor school drop-out from southern India to buy sanitary pads for his wife – and ended up changing the lives of millions of women

Israel's Indian Jews and their lives in the 'promised land'

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has just left India after a six-day official visit during which the two countries heralded a “new era” in ties. BBC Hindi’s Zubair Ahmed travelled to Beersheba in Israel to meet a community of Indian-origin Jews who migrated there soon after the nation’s creation. Naor Gudekar is 61-years-old, but he is still a fighting fit cricketer. He is also the administrator of Israel’s first cricket

India's $100bn road building gamble

Image copyrightGetty ImagesImage caption India has one of the largest road networks in the world The Indian government is planning to kickstart economic growth by building a huge road network. The idea sounds bulletproof – but is it? Economic analyst Vivek Kaul examines the idea. When in trouble, some politicians and countries return to the influential British economist John Maynard Keynes. Keynes believed that governments must be ready to borrow

Vinod Verma: Former BBC journalist arrested in India

Image caption Vinod Verma has worked with BBC Hindi A former BBC journalist, Vinod Verma, has been arrested in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. His arrest is connected to a scandal about a supposed sex tape involving a Chhattisgarh state politician. A police spokesman told the BBC that Mr Verma was suspected of extortion, and another said 500 CDs had been recovered from his house. Mr Verma denies

Delhi surgeons separate twins joined at the head

Image copyrightAIIMSImage caption The twin boys were separated after 16 hours of surgery Surgeons in the Indian capital, Delhi, have separated twin boys who were conjoined at the tops of their heads. Two-year-old Jaga and Kalia underwent 16 hours of surgery, and are now in the intensive care unit, doctors said. A team of 30 doctors carried out the surgery – the first of its kind in India – at

Swiss tourist couple beaten up in India

Image copyrightLaxmi KantImage caption The couple say they were attacked by some unknown people A Swiss couple have been attacked at Fatehpur Sikri, a monument 44km (27 miles) from the Taj Mahal, Indian police say. A group of men, reported to number three or four, attacked Quentin Jeremy Clerc and Marie Droz after an argument on Sunday in Agra district. Local media reported on Wednesday that Mr Clerc had suffered

Ichthyosaur fossil discovered for first time in India

Image copyrightCourtesy G PrasadImage caption This is the first time an ichthyosaur fossil has been discovered in India Scientists in India have discovered a 152 million-year-old fossil of an ichthyosaur – an extinct marine reptile – in the western state of Gujarat. This is the first time an ichthyosaur fossil has been discovered in India. The fossil was found inside rocks from the Mesozoic Era, which ran between 252 and

India v New Zealand: Groundsman sacked after TV sting tampering claims

New Zealand won the first one-day international in Mumbai on Sunday A groundsman has been sacked after video emerged of him allegedly agreeing to tamper with the wicket before Wednesday’s one-day international between India and New Zealand in Pune. A sting operation by India Today TV captured Pandurang Salgaoncar on camera allegedly stating he would prepare the pitch to suit two unnamed bowlers. Board of Control for Cricket in India

Nation of onlookers?

Image copyrightAFPImage caption Anti-rape protesters turned out in Mumbai What would you do if you saw a woman being raped in front of you? Would you intervene and help her? Or, would you keep walking, or make a video on your mobile phone which could lead to his identification and arrest later? That’s a question that’s being asked in India after a woman was raped on a busy pavement in