Tragic tale of nursing mother's snakebite shocks India

Image copyrightAlamyImage caption The saw-scaled viper is found from west Africa to the Indian Subcontinent A mother and her three-year-old daughter have been killed in India after the woman was bitten by a snake. Not realising she had been attacked, the woman began breastfeeding her child. Both died before they could reach a hospital. The news comes the same day as the World Health Organization declared snake bites a “global

India mobs kill five over 'social media rumour'

Image copyrightAFP Mobs in southern India have killed at least five people and injured 20 others amid recent social media rumours about “child kidnapping gangs”. Police say the messages, which were being spread widely, warned of gangs in at least three southern states, which have led to mass panic. Mobs appear to be targeting “strangers” – in this case migrants from north India who are employed as labourers. Police have

India shuts Tamil Nadu smelting plant after deadly protests

Image copyrightAFPImage caption Police say an estimated 5,000 people attended the protest on Tuesday Officials in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu have ordered the closure of a major copper smelting plant on Wednesday. The order came after police killed 13 people amid protests by residents in the port city of Tuticorin. The state pollution control board disconnected electricity supply to the unit on Thursday morning. However no one

Virat Kohli: India captain's Surrey move off because of neck injury

Virat Kohli was due to make his Surrey debut in a One-Day Cup match against Kent on 1 June India captain Virat Kohli will not play for Surrey this summer because of a neck injury, the Board of Control for Cricket in India has announced. Kohli sustained the injury while playing in the Indian Premier League. The 29-year-old batsman agreed his first ever overseas contract with Surrey in May and

Modi accepts Twitter #fitnesschallenge

Image copyrightGetty ImagesImage caption PM Modi’s “Fit India” campaign focuses on the benefits of yoga India’s Twittersphere has exploded with workout videos from officials and athletes in response to a trending social media challenge. It started when sports minister Rajyavardhan Rathore posted a video of himself doing push-ups, and urging people to join the #fitnesschallenge. India’s cricket captain Virat Kohli posted a video of himself doing a plank and challenged

IPL: Kolkata Knight Riders beat Rajasthan Royals in play-offs

Dinesh Karthik previously played for Mumbai Indians and Gujarat Lions in the IPL Indian Premier League, Kolkata Kolkata Knight Riders 169-7 (20 overs) Karthik 52, Gowtham 2-15 Rajasthan Royals 144-4 (20 overs) Samson 50, Chawla 2-24 Kolkata Knight Riders win by 25 runs Scorecard Kolkata Knight Riders eliminated Rajasthan Royals from the Indian Premier League play-offs with a 25-run victory at Eden Gardens. The hosts had been put in to

Who is India's hugging saint Kanye West tweeted about?

Image copyrightAFP Amid a series of tweets warning against the evils of smartphone addiction, US rapper Kanye West suddenly posted a picture of India’s “hugging saint”. Accompanied with the caption “sometimes we all need hugs”, West also said that “Amma Mata” had given more than 32 million hugs. Amma, which means mother, is famous for the “healing power” of her hugs. It is unclear if she has hugged the rapper.

Punjab doctors unpick Michael Jackson dances

Image copyrightManjul Tripathi Neurosurgeons have described in detail how Michael Jackson achieved biomechanically impossible dance moves in his music video Smooth Criminal. In the 1987 routine, Michael leans from the ankle at a 45 degree angle, while keeping his body straight as a rod. The illusion, which many have tried to copy, was thanks to specially designed shoes and the artist’s core strength. The spine experts warn others against attempting

Karnataka: India's ruling BJP leads in state poll - exit polls

Image copyrightGetty ImagesImage caption The election is especially significant for Prime Minister Narendra Modi India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of PM Narendra Modi is expected to win the most seats in the southern Karnataka state, exit polls suggest. But they say it will fall short of winning a majority in the 224-member assembly. The opposition Congress party, which until Saturday’s election controlled the state, is in second place. The