Why are so many firms so bad at social media?

Why are so many firms so bad at social media?
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Image caption When angry customers take to Twitter you’re already losing the PR battle

These days disgruntled customers can vent their spleen on social media instantly, but many companies are not handling these platforms properly, experts say. So what are the dos and don’ts of social media customer relations?

There are days when you get angry about how a company has treated you, there only seems to be one way to make it right.

Take to Twitter.

Voicing a grievance on a company’s public feed has become the main way to get your complaint heard. Right now.

“Somehow Twitter has become the channel for people that are really [expletive] off with an organisation,” says Lyndsay Menzies, chief executive of digital marketing agency 8 Million Stories (8MS), which advises on managing social media.

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