Fading glory

Fading glory
Mr and Mrs Carpenter, Tollygunge, Calcutta, 1981Image copyright© Karan Kapoor
Image caption Mr and Mrs Carpenter, Tollygunge, Kolkata, 1981

London-based photographer Karan Kapoor has recorded some of India’s dying Christian communities who are trying to preserve their identities in rapidly changing times.

One of the communities he has photographed extensively are the Anglo-Indians. A product of the British Empire, with a mixture of Western and Indian names, customs and complexions, several thousand Anglo-Indians live in India.

The son of well-known actors Shashi Kapoor and the late Jennifer Kendal-Kapoor, Kapoor himself is of both Indian and British descent.

The other community he has chronicled are the Goan Catholics, probably the largest inheritors and defenders of their Portuguese heritage.

Most of his pictures were taken in the 1980s and 1990s and they focus on people and places that have either been lost to history, or changed beyond recognition.

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