The ‘good old days’

The 'good old days'
Fraser Town UnderbridgeImage copyrightPAul Fernandes
Image caption Cartoonist Paul Fernandes’s collection of paintings is centred around life in Bangalore

Indian cartoonist Paul Fernandes has drawn a series of watercolour cartoons depicting life in the southern city of Bangalore in the 1960s and 70s.

The series includes Bangalore’s landmarks as well as the artist’s ancestral home.

“Ten years ago, our old house was torn down to build a set of apartments for me and my nine siblings. It was a huge house, with beautiful gardens and 40 fruit trees,” Mr Fernandes says.

“When it all came tumbling down, it compelled me to look at the changing city. And I started drawing places that I remembered fondly while I was growing up.”

The result is a collection of about 75 paintings and drawings – “completely nostalgia driven” – looking at the “good old days” in a happy, humorous way.

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