Best friends with buffaloes

Image copyrightMansi ThapliyalImage caption Ten-year-old Rukshana combs the hair of her calf. ‘Without our buffaloes, we are nothing,’ says a member of the tribe The Van Gujjars are among hundreds of nomadic tribes scattered all over India. Originally from Jammu and Kashmir state, they have spread out across the Himalayas in search of rich forests and meadows for their water buffaloes. Their lives are mainly spent caring for their animals.

Past and present

Image copyrightJ J ValayaImage caption Mr Valaya says the photographs are his “tribute to this great city of Delhi… to its people, past and present” A selection of pictures taken by fashion designer-turned-photographer JJ Valaya, which shows models dressed up as characters from the Mughal and Rajput era amid scenes from present-day Delhi, are being exhibited in the Indian capital. Valaya is one of India’s best known designers and his

Descent into hell

Image copyrightSudharak Olwe About 30,000 conservancy workers, also known as sweepers, are employed by the civic authorities in the Indian city of Mumbai. The workers, all of them Dalits – formerly known as untouchables – collect garbage, sweep the city streets, clean the gutters, load and unload garbage trucks and work in the dumping grounds. And “without exception, all of them despise their work”, says photographer Sudharak Olwe who documented

Choosing citizenship on India-Bangladesh border

Image copyrightGetty ImagesImage caption Enclave resident Musamat Lipi chose Bangladeshi citizenship In May, India’s parliament approved a key agreement with Bangladesh enabling the two countries to exchange control of areas of land on each other’s territory. Tens of thousands of Bangladeshis live in 51 enclaves in India, while Indians live in 111 areas within Bangladesh. The residents lack access to public services. Under the new agreement, more than 50,000 villagers

The 'good old days'

Image copyrightPAul FernandesImage caption Cartoonist Paul Fernandes’s collection of paintings is centred around life in Bangalore Indian cartoonist Paul Fernandes has drawn a series of watercolour cartoons depicting life in the southern city of Bangalore in the 1960s and 70s. The series includes Bangalore’s landmarks as well as the artist’s ancestral home. “Ten years ago, our old house was torn down to build a set of apartments for me and